Thursday, January 23, 2020

Female Suicide Bombers Essay -- essays research papers

Female Suicide Bombers Suicide bombers have become today’s weapon of choice. Middle Eastern terrorists are using suicide bombers because they are low cost, low technology, and a low risk weapon. Suicide bombers have also become readily available, requiring little training, leaving no trace behind, and strike fear into the general population. The success of suicide bombers depends upon an element of surprise, as well as acceptability to targeted area or populations. Both of these required fundamentals have been enjoyed by women suicide bombers. Female suicide bombers were used in the past; however, the recent spat of them in different venues and for different terrorist organizations has largely increased. In order to understand what propels a woman to engage in violence during war, it is imperative to first understand the complexities of terrorism in the Arab – Israeli conflict, including its prehistoric history, and the roles women have played in warring relative to their cultural norms. There are several reasons that make women engage in this horrific act of violence but they can be counted down as being only a few. Hardly anyone would disagree that war is a heart-wrenching ordeal and that it brings dark anguish upon the people of the society being defended. Yet, war also has a flip side for those engaged in direct fighting as well as those witnessing it. War brings on feelings of exhilaration and states have come to view it as a natural and necessary endeavor that must be undertaken in order to maintain the survival of the nation (Elshtain 24). Oddly enough, the emotions felt by militant Middle Eastern women as they do battle have been described as seductive, rebellious, exciting, sense of purpose, sense of freedom (Elshtain 42). Moreover, there is no shortage of romance for even during warring, women’s femininity continues to lie deep within their spirits. Still they must project a strong persona, one who is just as capable as the men are. Repeatedly, combative women respond to their calling and they do it with remarkable charm and valor. Women’s roles in societies have customarily been distinguished from those of men. Their roles in warring also have been clearly delineated and boundaries unmistakably demarcated. Society, through its body of rules and its numerous institutions, has conventionally dictated their boundaries of militancy. Assisting in... ...ty of Tulkrm. Although profiling suicide bombers may be a fascinating academic challenege, it is less relevant in the real world struggle against terrorism than understanding the people that operate as terrorist leaders. It makes much sense to then be more concerned with structural issues: almost nobody does this as an individual. The need is pointed out to counter terrorist organizations since suicide organizations is an organizational phenomenon, the struggle against it can not be conducted on an individual level (Stern 203). Most important, organizations only implement suicide terrorism if their community approves of its use. Research shows that terrorist organizations will continue to use suicide bomber tactics and employ female suicide bombers. A comprehensive counter terrorism plan should recognize the increasing potential for the use of female suicide bombers. The struggle then must continue to lead the way against this terrible way of thinking. With more time and research, it will be easier to understand the real motives and truth behind the thinking of these Middle Eastern women, since they have now gotten to the point in also believing that dying is greater than living.

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