Friday, February 28, 2020

Gang & gang behavior - week 7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Gang & gang behavior - week 7 - Essay Example Research has shown that the larger the population, the higher the chance of more gangs existing in a place hence making large cities to have increasing problems of gangs due to the high rate of population growth (Howell, 2012). Additionally, the rate of family breakdown in large cities is higher than in small cities or the rural areas (Howell, 2012). This makes neighborhoods in large cities to be more socially disorganized than neighborhoods in small cities. The disorganized neighborhoods provide a good breeding ground for the emergence of gangs since they weaken community organizations that may form partnerships with law enforcement organs to prevent people from joining gangs. Additionally, large cities are bound to have more troubled neighborhoods than small cities hence creating an environment where gangs thrive since troubled neighborhoods become an obstacle for the police to identify and dismantle gangs (Howell, 2012). This makes it easy for gangs to spring up in these areas more than they can in small cities hence creating more gang problems in large cities. Additionally, the availability of illegal guns in large cities compared to small cities is anther explanation for increasing problems of gangs in large cities than in small cities. Research has shown that an availability of illegal guns makes most cities to be prone to increased gangs since guns make gangs to feel a sense of protection and becomes a motivation for the gangs to cause more problems that are

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